Thank you for visiting my website, which will give you a little insight into who I am, what I value, and what has provided me with the drive and passion to be your county commissioner.


Some of the main issues I will address as your county commissioner include:

  • Responsible leadership

  • High quality, efficient services

  • Affordable workforce housing

  • Materials management and sustainability

  • Preparedness


As you will see, my life has taken several changes during my short time on this planet, and I have learned each time I have diverged from the well-traveled path. Change is an inevitable part of life, and we can either drift through those changes, or navigate a better path, using those changes for the potential they include. 

More importantly, I know not only how to listen, but also how to hear. I cannot be an expert on every subject, and you may be able to sway me. Even if you don’t manage to convince me, we will have shared a conversation, which will enable me to better understand your perspective. That leads to cooperation and consensus.



Browse through this section and read my positions on various issues. If you have questions, feel free to contact me. I am more than willing to clarify my stances. • (503) 801.7866

High quality, efficient services

When you pay your taxes, you expect quality, efficient services. That’s the way it should be.

How can we better serve the public? That’s a question we need to regularly ask.

I know that there are ways we can streamline administration, and increase efficiency. We need to make more services available online, rather than requiring more printed paperwork.

Affordable Workforce Housing

The inadequacy of affordable workforce housing is a problem communities across the nation are experiencing. We are no exception, except we have acknowledged that we have a problem, while other communities are still in denial, or ignoring the issue.

We need to address the issues that came to the surface during the process, and regain the momentum we had going. Partnerships need to be not only forged, but deepened, leading to success stories, and additional housing for hardworking members of our community.


Tillamook County abounds in natural wonders, but also in potential disasters. We must take steps to better prepare ourselves for those disasters.

One of the obstacles we face is the ability to communicate with each other following a significant disaster. Cell phones have become the norm, but cell phone service is overloaded on busy summer holidays, not to speak of following a disaster. We need to invest in radios and emergency communications throughout the county, so that we can coordinate our activities in times of needs.

Learn more about these and the rest of my goals as Commissioner!

Responsible leadership


Many things have changed in Tillamook County recently.

Not only does almost everyone have a smartphone, but tourism has become an economic driver. Downtown Tillamook will soon be transformed. While honoring the economic pillars upon which this county was built, forestry, fishing, and farming, we need to harmonize tourism with that. We can’t ignore any of them, and need to protect them all. We need to strengthen the collaboration between those pillars, so that we are stronger.

We have been fortunate to have had honest local leaders. Just as Mark Labhart, Tim Josi will also leave a void when he retires. That void needs to be filled with by an individual who can stand tall and represent the community. During the past five years I have testified before several legislative committees, and I have earned the respect of my peers. I have given presentations at state, regional and national conferences, enabling other professionals to benefit from Tillamook County’s experiences. A responsible leader enables others to grow, both professionally and personally, and supports their development. Why would anyone wish otherwise?


I have been active in both local and state politics, but in this nonpartisan position I will work with and represent all residents of Tillamook County, without regard to party affiliation.

A government of the people, by the people, and for the people must also communicate with the people.

People need to be involved in the process, not merely informed of decisions after they have been made.

Through my position working in county government and in several state-wide organizations, I have seen that far too often involvement is low because process is not followed. Rather than taking the easy road, we must take the right road.

As times change, landlines are replaced with smartphones, ledgers are replaced with computers, and stick shifts are being replaced even on large equipment such as tractors, the way we communicate with citizens must also change.

"... [David] reaches out across the entire County to educate and work with members of our community to improve the livability of citizens of Tillamook County.  Please join me in supporting David McCall for County Commissioner."

— Liane Welch | Former Public Works Director for Tillamook County.