Tom Jayred | Tillamook

A Conservative for McCall

Ninety-five percent of my votes in the last 57 years have been cast for the most qualified conservative candidate. This election, for County Commissioner, I am casting my vote for Dave McCall, because he is the most qualified candidate, regardless of political affiliation.

As a member of the County’s Solid Waste Advisory Committee, I became acquainted with Dave when he took over the management of the Solid Waste department 5 years ago. We have been friends and community associates ever since. As friends, we have debated many political issues over the years. Much of the time we end up agreeing to disagree, but he has always been respectful of my views. He listens attentively and is open to be influenced by logical common-sense arguments.

As leader of the Solid Waste dept., Dave has demonstrated his skills at managing an organization with a multi-million dollar budget. In previous jobs he has experience managing divisions or companies with larger budgets and more then 50 employees. Does any other commissioner candidate have anything remotely approaching that kind of experience?

Two to three times a month for the last 5 years, Dave has had to make presentations to the Board of County Commissioners (BOC) at either their workshops or weekly meetings or both. This gives him significantly more knowledge and experience than any of the other candidates.

Dave’s knowledge of the County’s budget process is another qualification in his favor. Dave has had to present his case to the BOC for the adoption of his multi-million dollar budget request that he puts together following the county’s budget guidelines. He’ll truly hit the ground running.

David’s environmental accomplishments speak for themselves. His knowledge and understanding of environmental issues is gleaned from years of experience in environmentally related managerial positions — both here in Tillamook, and previously in the private sector. I have never known Dave to blindly support or enact environmental policies that don’t consider potential unintended consequences, or the likelihood of diminishing returns for efforts put forth. He has received numerous awards for his efforts.

Common sense and a great sense of humor are also reasons I support Dave.

Daniel Hettenbach | Owner, Pacific Taxi Services

I met David during the campaign for affordable workforce housing here in Tillamook County. After talking with David I knew that I had met a public servant who was committed to improving the lives of the working class citizens in our community. I also recognized that David was passionate about the future of Tillamook County and enacting solutions to the issues we face. I whole hardheartedly support David and ask that you join me with your vote in helping elect him our next Tillamook County Commissioner.

Karen Reddick Yurka | Manzanita

I support David McCall for Tillamook County Commissioner. He is thoughtful, listens well and asks good questions to understand an issue. David brings an entrepreneur’s approach to government. He will serve Tillamook County citizens well.

Liane Welch | Former Public Works Director, Tillamook County

I support David McCall for Tillamook County Commissioner because he has proven himself to be a reliable and positive contributor to our community.  He has provided leadership to many organizations in Tillamook County.  He is currently a City Councilor for Bay City, and Chair of the Tillamook County Democratic Party.  He has achieved leadership roles in the Association of Oregon Counties, and the American Chamber of Commerce in Hungary.  He brings energy and creative ideas to managing materials (solid waste and recyclables) for our community.  He reaches out across the entire County to educate and work with members of our community to improve the livability of citizens of Tillamook County.  Please join me in supporting David McCall for County Commissioner.

Jan Hamilton | Former Director, CARTM, Manzanita

I found David to be professional, focused, and relentlessly devoted to the big picture. He has excellent communication skills and political instincts. He listens... (I mean really listens...) and actually considers all sides of an argument; rolls up his sleeves and gets the job done; and does it all with wit and humour.

I think he'll make a great commissioner.

Nicole Twigg | Pacific City

David honestly cares about what is best for the future of Tillamook County. He has long-term vision for how to protect our area while effectively dealing with our daily businesses, industry, and tourism. I'm amazed at his vast knowledge of small practical issues (dealing with recycling/trash) as well as big-picture issues like the future of our County and how to handle the influx of visitors while preserving our natural beauty and resources. I'm confident that his experience and priorities represent what is best for our County including keeping Tillamook County livable, beautiful, and prosperous.

Dr. Zoltán Illés | Former Minister of State for Environment, Hungary

Mr. McCall has proven his commitment to the improvement of waste management practices and innovative solutions numerous times during the past years. He has has indeed been one of the forerunners and drivers of modern waste management solutions in Hungary, specifically sustainable recycling systems. ... As part of a long-term commitment to this profession, Mr. McCall has repeatedly shared his experiences and observations with not only legislative bodies and authorities, but also with students, helping guide them towards a better world, in which our dreams become reality through our joint efforts.

Beverly Stein | Cape Meares

I met Dave when I took the Master Recycler training and was impressed with his creativity, insights, and commitment to service. That's why I have become an early and enthusiastic supporter of Dave for County Commissioner.

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James Becraft

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Nuru Lastriana

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